Serving clients with investigative services and dedication to finding the truth since 1988

For over 30 years, Confidential Investigations has been providing private investigative, undercover detective, and information services for individuals and businesses in The Greater Lehigh Valley Area, the Poconos, and Reading, Pennsylvania. We physically handle anything in Lehigh, Northampton, Bucks, Monroe, Carbon, Berks, Schuylkill, and Montgomery Counties. We also operate virtually throughout the nation and internationally in the form of investigative background information searches.

Our experience in private investigations, and application of practical knowledge of the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas have enabled us to become the private investigator that corporate and commercial businesses, and residents throughout the region prefer.

Private Investigating Services at Confidential Investigations

  • Security surveillance cameras with video and wireless surveillance cameras
  • Operatives are available for round-the-clock surveillance coverage
  • Skip tracing and subject locating
  • Fixed observation surveillance
  • Mobile tailing surveillance
  • Employee investigations
  • Crime scene analysis
  • Online investigation
  • Background checks
  • Credit reports

Who can benefit from Confidential Investigations and what types of investigative cases are handled?

  • Estate disputes
  • Insurance disputes
  • Child custody disputes
  • Hostile termination cases
  • Workers comp fraud cases
  • Victims of white collar crime
  • Landlords with tenant disputes
  • Matrimonial and infidelity Investigations
  • Companies or individuals seeking debt collection
  • Crime scene investigator and criminal investigations
  • Spouses seeking to find out if their spouse is hoarding assets
  • Those seeking missing persons or birth parents investigations
  • Employers who have issues with employees such as theft and substance abuse
  • And anyone else who is seeking the assistance and advice of a licensed private detective
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