Why you should hire a PI for your child custody case

Why you should hire a PI for your child custody case

Why you should hire a PI for your child custody case

Going through a separation or divorce isn’t easy, especially where kids are involved. When these cases proceed to court, the trial judge has to consider child custody for the parents based on evidence from each party. This usually consists of testimony, and always devolves into a he-said she-said argument.

For your own case, you may want to consider hiring a private investigator (PI) to get you the hard facts and evidence needed for your trial. This is a far better option than taking it upon yourself to investigate the other parent, landing yourself with a restraining order or other legal trouble.

How a private investigator can help with your case

Judges have a wide range of discretion that they can exercise when determining your custody arrangements. Let’s look at several factors that they consider and outline how a private detective can help you handle your child custody case.

  1. Home Environment: A judge will consider the environment that a parent creates or has the means to create for a child. They’ll want to know if a person does little to upkeep their home, has dangerous materials present in the house, or unhealthy conditions like a pest or mold infection. What kind of company the person keeps, and who hangs around the house regularly will also need to be considered. A PI can help with both of these investigations.

  2. Mental/Physical: In a judge’s eyes, if a person is unable to take care of themselves, they’re not going to be able to take care of a child. A PI could determine the health routine of the other parent, identifying harmful habits such as junk food diets or inactivity. They’ll also be able to spot if the parent is dealing with any debilitating mental health issues that could impair them from caring for your child.

  3. History of abuse or neglect: Not a pleasant though, but it will be important for a judge to know if there has been a history of the parent abusing or neglecting the child or previous children. A PI can dig into the parent’s previous relationship history and check for any blips.

  4. Child’s Relationship with the Parent: Judges are less inclined to give substantial custody to parents who their children don’t cooperate with or respect. A PI can observe the interactions with the child to provide a clearer picture of their relationship with the parent.

  5. Time available: A parent who is unable to devote time to a child in their care may not do well with shared let alone primary caretaker. A private investigator could find out how the parent spends their day, if they’re working insanely long hours, sleeping at the office, out all night etc.

  6. Dirty Secrets: You may not necessarily know about all the skeletons in your former spouse’s closet. A private investigator will be able to run a background check to see about any prior convictions or misdemeanors. Every little bit of information helps, as even excessive speeding tickets play a factor in determining the well being of a child. A PI could also determine if the parent has drug or alcohol problems, and if they’re currently seeking treatment for it.

Contact your local PI for help

When it comes to determining custody, don’t leave it to chance. Enlist the help of a PI for your child custody case investigation, and give the judge the evidence they need.

At Confidential Investigations, we handle these type of cases all the time. Give us a call at (484) 397-6803 and let us know your situation to provide you our expert advice and help you down this rough path.

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