Vehicle Safety and Security on the Road!

Vehicle Safety and Security on the Road!

Vehicle Safety and Security on the Road!

Today we are going to discuss vehicle safety and security when driving down the road.

Happy 4th of July and the coming weeks to summer!

I wanted to mention a few items to consider before venturing out on your next summer party, grilling party and just getting away for vacation. Make sure you have checked these items listed so you have a safe trip and you can adjust to any problems or incidents. 

  1. Check all your fluids to make sure they are filled up, washer fluid, oil, water for the radiator, and of course gasoline.  You don’t want to get stuck on the roadway in a traffic jam on the turnpike or a major interstate and run out of gas. 
  2. Ensure you have your daily meds in case you get stuck someplace.
  3. Carry an empty gas container in case you do run low or another motorist does.
  4. Flares are always good to have in case of break down or to signal help.
  5. Keep an extra key for your vehicle either in your wallet or attach it to a bolt that holds your license plate to the bumper in the front of the car.  Use a wing nut on the plate side and attach the key to the back of the plate.
  6. A small blanket and half case of water.
  7. Snacks that are unperishable.

When traveling, be mindful of other cars, police that have motorist pulled over, accidents, wildlife, obstructions on the road and shoulder.  Many of these can cause accidents and rather quickly.  Many times, accidents happen and the crews who address the accident do not take all the parts of the collision.

When being pulled over by law enforcement (LEO), be mindful of the safety of both, you and the officer.  If you do get pulled over keep these helpful hints to mind.

  1. Pull over at a safe location.  If you are on an Interstate highway, wait for an area where you have plenty of room to get away from the lane of traffic. If it is tight, pull over far enough so the officer is out of the way of traffic.  Too many instances police officers have been struck by motorists when they are conducting a traffic stop.  The motorists are distracted by texting, music, other poor drivers, and just complacency behind the wheel.  When pulled over, do not panic, if you were speeding, you were speeding.  Sometimes the BEAR gets ya.   Have the necessary credentials ready for him, license, auto insurance card, concealed permit to carry, if you happen to be carrying that specific time.  If you are not carrying but have it someplace in the vehicle show him the permit and tell him where it is.  When he initially pulls you over, he may take a minute to get to you.  He is calling in your information to dispatch to see if you are wanted or have any outstanding warrants.   Also, he is checking to see if the vehicle is not registered or stolen.  Be patient. 

The important message here is to give the officer plenty of room on the road, so he is not in danger. 

If you get a flat tire on an interstate, get to an area that you can move around the car.  Do not attempt to change that tire on the shoulder.  Too dangerous.  Drive the vehicle at a very slow speed to the next emergency area or exit, using four-way hazard lights if you have to be safe.   Call for assistance and have a truck or road crew help you. 

Hopefully these ideas and suggestions have put some ideas in your next trip for vehicle safety and security.  Have a safe summer and enjoy those cookouts and parties!

Until next time, be safe and smart and be aware!  Have a safe summer!


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