Corporate Services

Specializing in commercial crime and fraud investigation

Background Information

Offering a broad range of investigative research and background information

Undercover Investigations

Offering undercover investigation services and surveillance

Corporate Services

Specializing in commercial crime and fraud

Our team of private investigators is equipped to handle cases of any capacity – ranging from small businesses to large corporations. We offer immediate emergency service response when necessary. All undercover investigations receive full confidentiality, providing information only to essential and authorized personnel.

  • FMLA Cases (Enforcement of the Family and Medical Leave Act, whereby eligible employees will receive 12 weeks unpaid leave without fear of termination)

  • Internal Theft & Fraud (Investigation of stolen assets, merchandise, intellectual property, and misrepresentation of time sheets or services rendered)

  • Worker's Compensation Claims (Investigation of claims made by employees to collect lost wages and medical insurance due to a work-related injury)

  • Hostile Terminations (Termination of insubordinate or potentially dangerous employees)

  • Executive Protection & Security (Overt or covert protection of high-profile employees)

Background Information

Investigative Research and Background Information Services

We are willing and able to successfully accommodate the needs of individuals and corporations nationwide and beyond. All investigative research and background information services will receive full confidentiality. All information acquired will subsequently be returned to our clients in a discreet and timely manner.

  • Process service (Including personal service, national service, and emergency service)

  • Asset Reports (Including property records, vehicle records, and bank account records)

  • Pre-Employment Checks (Criminal and civil background checks, reference checks, social media searches)

  • Personal Information Searches (Address history, social security number search, telephone number search, credit reports, driving records, and phone records)

Undercover Investigations

Available for immediate emergency response

Often completed as part of a larger investigation, Confidential Investigations offers undercover investigation services and surveillance in a personal or business capacity. Cases range from standard surveillance to high profile casework and employs both fixed observation and mobile tail tactics.

  • Undercover Criminal Investigations (Dealing with accident, theft/fraud, kidnapping/missing persons, our operatives employ field investigation by way of witness interviews, neighborhood canvassing and crime scene analysis)

  • Short & Long Term Undercover Operations (Placement of an undercover operative in the workplace to find the source of the monetary theft or stolen merchandise and/or detect substance or alcohol abuse)

  • Computer Forensics (Dealing with cases pertaining to cyber bullying, email and web browser investigations and social media)

  • Countermeasure Searches (Dealing with cases pertaining to phone taps, wire taps, and debugging investigations)

  • Camera Installation (Both covert and public monitoring available for private residences and businesses)

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