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They are seen at numerous events, office buildings, in schools, and they are present at almost every public accessed location, but what are security guards there to actually do? Security guards are common additions to public events or to a person or group of people, and their duties range drastically in nature depending upon the position they are assigned. They ensure order is maintained, enforce rules and regulations when necessary, and most importantly make protection their top priority for whoever they are assigned to or wherever they are stationed.  

Security Guards work in a variety of environments, during all times of the day. Those who chose to go into this line of service to the public are doing so with the knowledge that their workplace is ever changing, with no one place being the center for duties performed, and the high-risk factor that comes into play every day.

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Specialized positions for protection relating to high risk individuals exist in the form of personal security or bodyguards. Our bodyguards central goal is to maintain protection for the individual they are assigned to. Those who may be at high risk or are high profile public figures will have a guard escort them to and from different locations and will remain in close proximity if necessary.
Our guards job includes physical protection and surveillance of the surrounding area and individuals. Those performing this role are required to know the physical aspect of the job, which are:
-Defense against attacks
-Medical Assistance
-Special awareness
-Maintaining a professional appearance.


Reasons for hiring security guards vary, but in a retail store you may be experiencing an increased number of thefts or other illegal activities. This may result in the need for law enforcement officers to ensure the activity is controlled and/or eliminated completely to provide a safe environment for employees.
If needed, screening of a suspected individual may take place, surveillance in the form of cameras and a security guard walking throughout the school occurs daily, and the assigned guard enforces the rules and regulations that are set by the school system.


Our residential security guards are responsible for taking care of your home to ensure that you and your family are safe, hence giving you time to focus on other things without fear. Residential security guards use a surveillance model to detect any discomfort and suspicion of any kind. They maintain a low profile while they are working.
It is also their responsibility to familiarize themselves with their surroundings and report any information if need be. Our guards display a high level of customer service and responsibility. We ensure our guards are flexible to protect your property at any time of the day. Other responsibilities of our residential guards while on site also include:
– upholding the safety of residents and their visitors.
– ensuring that any of the residents belongings is not stolen.
– possible surveillance of suspected individuals if called for.


Corporate security officers are professionals who are employed by different companies as safety managers to ensure the protection of company information systems as well as company properties. Their job requires them to take risks and develop internal control systems to make sure employees are protected, and company information remains safe.
Our Corporate security managers are responsible for taking different investigations in security breaches and evaluating security staff performances as well as surveillance technology. In case of any emergency, they are ready to make sure that crisis management strategies and response plans are in place. Their main goal is to limit companies’ exposure to risks and ensure the company’s assets and information, as well as the employees, are protected.


The main work of our industrial security officers is to patrol the facility to find out if there are any security and safety problems. As manufacturer security, it is our primary duty to ensure that safety rules and regulations are followed to reduce accidents and damages. Our guards regularly patrol the main entrances of employees and receiving areas to avoid any unauthorized entry of products or theft to the company.