Any missing person is important to us!

Locate investigations are one of the most fundamental reasons for creating the field of private investigators. This type of investigation includes a multitude of cases of people investigation, which in most cases are close relatives. This is a very stressful situation for family and friends, and potentially dangerous for the missing person.

It is a remarkably demanding procedure that requires immediate response and professionalism by a specialized locate investigator. The police, sadly, due to lack of resources, cannot handle the continuously rising number of missing people; as a result, many official searches stay incomplete or inaccurate.


A locate investigator can also skip trace any other missing/lost individual such as:

  • Debtors
  • Old friends that you have lost touch
  • Runaway fugitives
  • Key-witnesses
  • Birth parents or adopted kids
Skip Trace

Our locate investigator service consists of partners that are
trained, licensed, qualified, experienced and have the needed
technical equipment.
All this with credibility, discretion, and complete confidentiality.


The first step of the locate investigator is to communicate with the client and discuss the case. Feel free to talk to us about all the aspects of your case as well as things that may concern you about the missing person you try to locate.

Our specialists can work with minimum information. However, we are strongly advising you to provide as many details as possible (name, social security number, problems with the law or whatever information you have about the person even if you believe it is irrelevant).

Our investigators will start analyzing the data you provided.

We have access to wide-ranging databases (not only the public ones), resources, and specialized affiliates. These will let us verify the given information and seek new such as an address, telephone number, education, work history, criminal court, arrest records, family history (marriages, divorces, etc), credit reports,

Next, depending on the new findings, we may have to contact and interview people such as ex-spouses, coworkers, employers, etc. This requires communication skills to open people up and critical ability to understand if someone is lying.bankruptcy information, etc.

In some cases (e.g. runaway fugitives) we may have to monitor the subjects movements. Our highly trained partners have technological equipment and expertise at physical, technical and digital surveillance. If criminal offenses come up (e.g. missing teen involved with drug dealers or traffickers) we will cooperate with the law enforcement units.

During the research we may need to contact you again for more information, updating case status and questions. Before disclosing any information we cross-check every data so that we can be 100% sure of the result produced.

Private Investigator in Allentown, PA
Private investigator in allentown pa

How long does it take to fulfill a people investigation / skip trace?

Unfortunately, we cannot specify a timeline, every case is unique and the time required depends on the complexity of the situation.

In conclusion, hiring a private investigator can bring the desired results to you and cannot be replaced with any effort by a simple citizen.

Private investigator in allentown pa

Our professionalism and years of experience are a guarantee that will lead to an excellent outcome of your locate investigation.

Contact us today so that you can be informed in more detail.