Corporate Services

Specializing in commercial crime and fraud investigation

Background Information

Offering a broad range of investigative research and background information

Undercover Investigations

Offering undercover investigation services and surveillance

Insurance Fraud

Insurance Investigation Services & Defense of Fraudulent Claims

Security Guard Service

Offering protection to Individuals, residential and Corporate offices.

Domestic Case Investigation

Offering civil and domestic case investigative services

Locate Investigations

Using the best resources to locate any missing person or a fugitive.

Corporate Services

Specializing in commercial crime and fraud

Our team of private investigators is equipped to handle cases of any capacity – ranging from small businesses to large corporations. We offer immediate emergency service response when necessary. All undercover investigations receive full confidentiality, providing information only to essential and authorized personnel.

  • FMLA Cases (Enforcement of the Family and Medical Leave Act, whereby eligible employees will receive 12 weeks unpaid leave without fear of termination)

  • Internal Theft & Fraud (Investigation of stolen assets, merchandise, intellectual property, and misrepresentation of time sheets or services rendered)

  • Worker's Compensation Claims (Investigation of claims made by employees to collect lost wages and medical insurance due to a work-related injury)

  • Hostile Terminations (Termination of insubordinate or potentially dangerous employees)

  • Executive Protection & Security (Overt or covert protection of high-profile employees)

Background Information

Investigative Research and Background Information Services

We are willing and able to successfully accommodate the needs of individuals and corporations nationwide and beyond. All investigative research and background information services will receive full confidentiality. As a result, all information acquired will subsequently be returned to our clients in a discreet and timely manner.

  • Process service (Including personal service, national service, and emergency service)

  • Asset Reports (Including property records, vehicle records, and bank account records)

  • Pre-Employment Checks (Criminal and civil background checks, reference checks, social media searches)

  • Personal Information Searches (Address history, social security number search, telephone number search, credit reports, driving records, and phone records)

Undercover Investigations

Available for immediate emergency response

Often completed as part of a larger investigation, Confidential Investigations offers undercover investigation services and surveillance in a personal or business capacity. Cases range from standard surveillance to high profile casework and employs both fixed observation and mobile tail tactics.

  • Undercover Criminal Investigations (Dealing with accident, theft/fraud, kidnapping/missing persons, our operatives employ field investigation by way of witness interviews, neighborhood canvassing and crime scene analysis)

  • Short & Long Term Undercover Operations (Placement of an undercover operative in the workplace to find the source of the monetary theft or stolen merchandise and/or detect substance or alcohol abuse)

  • Computer Forensics (Dealing with cases pertaining to cyber bullying, email and web browser investigations and social media)

  • Countermeasure Searches (Dealing with cases pertaining to phone recordings and debugging investigations)

  • Camera Installation (Both covert and public monitoring available for private residences and businesses)

Insurance Fraud

Fraud investigations and surveillance experts

Confidential Investigations, inc. conducts surveillance on claim subjects to see if they are committing fraud in their insurance claim. We provide thorough insurance fraud investigations, by locating and interviewing witnesses, to record all statements and reports. Our clients receive a full, detailed report pertaining to the findings of our investigations, which can be used against the claimant in court.

  • Health Care Claims (False claims submitted to insurance companies and collusion by licensed professionals)

  • Workers’ Compensation Fraud (Locate unreported income, employment at a second job, multiple claims)

  • Disability Benefits Fraud (illegal if claimant not disabled and can perform the duties of their job)

  • Automobile Accidents Fraud (treatment for fake injuries, staged car accidents, etc.)

Domestic Case Investigation

Uncovering the truth with thorough analysis

At Confidential Investigations, we believe in protecting your home through domestic investigations.  Are you for any reason concerned about the safety of your possessions or loved ones? Well whether it’s an abusive family member or threat of an intruder, a domestic investigation will retain evidence of wrongdoing and prevent any future crime. We can handle these matters for you at any time through our private investigation services!

  • Child custody Investigation (Our private investigators can help minimize further collateral damage caused as a result of child custody disputes)

  • Domestic violence (We are responsible for collecting, organizing, analyzing, and interpreting data related to domestic violence crimes)

  • Cheating Spouse Investigation (We can be your personal private eye, and verify the whereabouts of your spouse or partner to ensure you are rightly informed of the truth)

  • Matrimonial Divorce (Enlist the help of one of our investigators to gather and document needed evidence before serving your spouse with legal separation or divorce papers)

Locate Investigations

Fugitive and missing person locate expert

During our investigation, we ensure to begin looking for the missing person as soon as our clients request for us to start and will continue our search as long as they are still looking for answers. We use means, even beyond a normal persons resources and capabilities, to ensure we locate the subject in a timely manner.

  • Lost loved ones (Could be a child, sibling or someone with special needs who has not found their way back home or has runaway).

  • Runaway fugitive (We run background checks and extensive searches to find anyone running away from law enforcement)

  • Debtor for your money (someone who made an agreement to pay a note and has disappeared and not made any payments)

  • Long lost missing person (Could be someone who is apart of a cold case and has been forgotten.)

Security Guard Service

Providing protection for anyone in need

Security Guards are seen at numerous events, outside office buildings, in schools, at industrial sites, etc.  At almost every public accessed location, security guards may be present, but what are they there to actually do? Our guards at Confidential Investigations are there to ensure the protection of individuals from outside hazardous or dangerous parties, centered mainly around surveillance of non-law abiding actions, but are trained to act accordingly in the event of a natural disaster that occurs while on sight.

  • Office Building (they may be in charge of video surveillance for a populated building.)

  • Personal Bodyguard (Protection of an individual or well known public figure at risk of being attacked or bombarded by the public)

  • Residential security (Our guards patrol properties to provide personal safety, access control, and physical security.)

  • Industrial Manufacturing Security (Protect sites from theft, vandalism, property damage, labor-related disputes, etc.)

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