Karate Styles, and What to Pick????

Karate Styles, and What to Pick????

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Karate Styles, and What to Pick!!

Several Blogs back I spoke and discussed self defense and what you can do to help yourself.  I would like to start a series of Blogs discussing martial arts, self-defense and protecting one’s self. 

I would like to distinguish between a few things with regards to styles of martial arts first. 

  1. There are many styles of martial arts.
  2. They all originate from a specific location in the world.
  3. They usually are indicative of the terrain or specific need.
  4. Different styles are for sport and others are for Budo (martial way).
  5. In my opinion, there is no bad style of martial arts.

Here is a list of martial arts that exist today. 

Karate (Okinawan)

Kung Fu (Chinese)

Jiu-Jitsu (Japanese & Brazilian)

Krav Maga (Israeli)

Judo (Japanese)

Capoeira (Brazilian)

Hapkido (Korean)

Aikido (Japanese)

I will attempt to list the styles or Ryu’s (school in Japanese) that are in each category.


Is an Okinawan term that means, Kara= empty, te= hand.  The Okinawan had their weapons seized when the Chinese invaded.  The Okinawans had to learn to defend themselves with their hands.  Later they learned how to use farm implements and items from everyday life.  Karate was born in Okinawa.  36 families from China sailed over to Okinawan during the 1600’s.  They settled and started to teach their kung fu to the native Okinawans.  After a while the Okinawans took those teachings and developed their own form of fighting.  The Chinese labeled their teachings Chuan Fa or Tode’.  Later these teachings were subtly changed by senior students and the result was many different variations.  Next time we will get into the different schools/Ryu’s/style. 







Wado-Ryu (Japanese)


Kung Fu:

Is a general term to represent martial arts in Chinese.  Kung Fu or Gung Fu is to any study, learning, or practice that requires patience, energy, and time to complete.

Wing Chun

Hung Gar


White Crane

White Eyebrow



Black Crane

T’ien Lung Tao

Jeet Kune Do


Northern Praying Mantis

Southern Praying Mantis

Some of the sport styles of martial arts that are out there are:

Tae Kwon Do (Korean)



As you can see there are many styles of martial arts that you have available to train in.  What matters is that you gain something from it, it betters oneself, and remember that it is for defense.  You can always take each martial art to the levels of mastery, Mind, Body and Spirit. 

Typically, each martial art starts out with the physical engagement and exterior building.  Then it usually transits to a mind and thinking art.  As the moves become second nature the mind now takes over and integrates the physical with the strength and movement.  Ultimately, one wants to become spiritual with the art where the mind and body become one and they reach to the higher divine.  Most martial artists pursue the goal of enlightenment!

Over the next few Blogs I will be discussing the different styles and categories of martial arts.  I have been training in Karate for the past 35 years.  I have trained with many Masters, Sensei’s, Kung Fu Sifu’s.  What I have noticed is this about martial arts, Martial arts is all the same, but just a little different?…………

I will explain this later but let’s see if you can see the answer before I give it away.

Until next time, be safe and smart and be aware! 


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