Home Safety and Security from Intruders

Home Safety and Security from Intruders

Home Safety and Security from Intruders

In this blog, we are going to look at the pros and cons of home safety and security from intruders.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a lawyer.  The ideas expressed hear are suggestions.  YOU must ultimately make the decision what works for you the best in your situation.  I have based my suggestions on experience, researching certain laws, and advice from professionals. 

As many are aware, the saying “my home is my castle” is the rule many use to defend themselves from an intruder.  Its easy to say that if someone breaches your household you take whatever action is necessary.  This is not the best mind set in all cases.

I always teach to students in my karate classes when they ask, what would you do if someone broke into your house when you were home?  I refer to the law known as retreat to the wall.  In this law it has the victim retreat to safety as best as thy can.  When this starts to crumble, then they can use force to defend themselves.  In some states the Castle Doctrine is applied.  Where the victim can stand their ground and use deadly force with deadly force.

They ask me to further explain the retreat to the wall.  What I explain is this;

First have a plan if you are in bed sleeping at night.   Have a plan if it is daylight and you are transitioning from room to room.  And third, if you are entering your home either in daylight or darkness.  

  1. Night – Have a plan to get everyone in the same place quickly, usually a closet or bathroom far away from the stairs.  Lock the door and call 911 and calmly tell the dispatcher where you are and what you believe is happening.  You want to give the police as much information as possible so that when they show up on the premises, they are dealing with the criminal and not second guessing if you are or the bad guy is the homeowner.  The BEST thing to do is get to the room or closet and stay there until the police clear your home.  Let the intruder take whatever they want, it can always be recovered with insurance.  If it is a family object with a great deal of attachment, then maybe it should be locked up to further hinder the burglar.  Remember, there maybe two or three accomplices. 
  2. Daylight – If you are in the house and an intruder comes in and you can’t get out, do what is suggested in #1.  If you can get out, leave as fast as possible, go to a neighbor or if your car is available. Chances it won’t be because you don’t have your keys.  Get to the nearest place that you can tell people or call 911.  Once you have notified, do not go back.  Give the authorities your location and sit for further instructions.  Let the authorities do their job. 
  • Entering the home – If you are entering the home and you realize someone is in there, leave.  Just leave and get out.  Get to help and wait for instructions. 
  • In the case that you do confront the intruder and they decide to flee, let them go.  Do not try to apprehend them or hurt them, they are no longer a threat.  What ever they take is not worth you get hurt or killed over. Victims have been prosecuted because they shot and, in some cases, killed an intruder that went from offensive to fleeing defensive. 
  • Get a good description of the person.  Hair color, glasses, clothes, tattoos, shoes, car they were driving, accomplices, language, physical deformities, limps, etc.
  • Something to remember!  The intruder or criminal woke up that day with one thing in mind.  To further their needs no matter what.  They have everything to gain!  We, the good people of society have everything to lose because of them.  Make your choices wisely, for the better, for the rest of YOUR LIFE. 

***In the case there is confrontation with an intruder, you are going to have to make some fast decisions. 

  1. You should have a plan.
  2. If you choose to use a weapon, think of the consequences.
  3. Remember there might be others with you, safety is the utmost.
  4. If you do have to fight, fight for your life.  If it gets to the point where the intruder is actively coming at you it is no longer a burglary. 
  5. Do what is necessary, but do not go overboard.  Victims have been prosecuted because they fought off the threat but did not stop.  Therefore, making them the offender. 
  6. Choosing a weapon?  I believe the best home defense weapon is a shot gun.  Chances are it won’t penetrate the walls if you use 4 shot or double “OO” Buck as we refer to it.  Its loud, it will most definitely put the intruder down.  If not, they will lose a great deal of blood quickly. Your aim does not have to be exact.  And the butt of the gun makes for a great weapon also.

****Remember this in a confrontation using a gun in your home.  If it arises that you must go to that step, you will be reminded of it every time you pass that position.  Surely a mess to clean up.  However, if it saves your life and others, that is a decision you must make.

If a weapon is not preferred, start taking personal protection classes.  Karate, self defense classes, etc.  Something you can rely on in a case of emergency. 

Safety of the home – There are many things that you can do to prevent break-ins and slow the intruder down whereas they an be detected by neighbors or even yourself.  When that happens hopefully someone will call authorities and have them remedy the problem.

#1 RULE – ALWAYS LOCK YOUR HOUSE!  Even if you depart for 5 minutes, lock it. Most intruders case a place before hitting it.  Don’t give them any benefit to their plan.  Make sure windows are locked.  Basement doors should be locked all the time. 

Don’t expose your valuables to the outside.  We all have nice things…..let’s keep it that way.  Keep items of high value tucked away in your garage.  Use a shed to secure items that can be sold quickly on the street, lawn mowers, trimmers, etc.  Lock all personal valuables in a safe when not using them and especially when you are vacant from the home for along period, i.e. vacation. 

Ask a neighbor or local law enforcement to pass by the house occasionally if you are gone for several days.  Put a broom handle in sliding doors so they can not be opened.  Have dead bolts installed on front and back doors.  Don’t have too much clutter on your porches or patio.  They are great for concealment for the intruder to get his work done quickly.

Make it appear that someone is home during times when you are out of town.  Use lights, have fiends stop by to check on the house, etc.

LOCK your vehicle at nights or anytime you are not occupying it.  Most have a garage opener which is a key to get into the house. 

Keep a spare key in your wallet or car for both your house and vehicle.  This way you can always access a safe place.  Place it in a spot where it Is not easily noticed in the car. 

Put a hold on your mail when gone for more than three days.  A bad guy will heck to see if has the correct residence of the person he is stealing from and to see if they are home. 

Items that cannot be stored in a shed or garage should be secured in the ground. i.e. grills in concrete, if it is an expensive grill.  Anything that can be wheeled or lifted to a truck lock with a chain and padlock.  I have heard of events where moving trucks pull up to a house and a crew starts to load items into the truck.   The neighbors ask what is going on. The crooks tell them the individual had an emergency move and had to be in the next city quickly.  Mean while the homeowners come home to an empty house.

I hope these suggestions for home safety and security are a help for you to plan your protected and happy home.

Until next time, be safe and smart and be aware!  Have a safe summer!


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