Author: Tim Spiess

Safety in Schools

Confidential Investigations Blog 8 9/21/19 Safety in Schools Welcome! We are well into the school year both high school and College.   Football, Soccer, Field Hockey, Cross-Country, all the fall sports! The topic I would like to talk about is quite hard, especially since there has been many of these over the past 20 years.  School […]

Hurricane Season !!!

Confidential Investigations Blog 7 9/7/19 Hurricane Season!! Welcome! With the impending arrival of “Dorian” I thought I would write a brief article on Hurricane safety and awareness. I am currently in Sneads Ferry, NC where I reside.  We are awaiting the storm of Dorian and expect a brushing by him or a landfall by Thursday […]

Back to School and College

Confidential Investigations Blog 6 8/21/19 Welcome! Back to School and College August is an interesting month.  Severe heat, football starts, summer is coming to an end, and the dreaded days of school are back.  For that fact many schools go back, colleges, public schools, many of your fitness classes start fresh, karate schools run specials, […]

Confrontation & Commitment

Confidential Investigations Blog 4 7/21/19 Welcome! Confrontation and Commitment! All to often we find ourselves close to or in a confrontation with someone whether it is over a parking space or changing lanes on the highway or just a mere disagreement on an issue. When this happens, we must take a step back and look […]

Basic Safety and Security for Individuals

Basic Safety and Security for Individuals

Good afternoon fellow Investigators / Security professionals and welcome to the New Blog of Confidential Investigations! My name is Tim Spiess and I am a retired Senior Special Agent from the United States Secret Service.  I spent 20 years investigating white collar crime and protecting high government officials abroad internationally and domestically. I am also an accomplished […]